Black Portland stands up for JUSTICE OR ELSE

Portland was on the Mall.


There is something absolutely thrilling about a mass group of black people coming together to:

  1. acknowledge our unique presence in the universe,
  2. share in the distinct condition we find ourselves in today as descendants of slaves in America, and…
  3. promote Black unity to craft a national plan demanding JUSTICE or ELSE.

march 1Most of us who attended the original Million Man March sought to recapture the excitement and promise of a better America that was stirred in us 20 years ago.

One could feel the resistance from both whites and blacks about the notion that independent thinking black people would have the audacity as group to challenge the oppressive status quo.

march 2

We keep thinking there will be a revolution in the minds of black people that says “we can do this.” Throw off the chains of our slave masters, claim the destiny of true freedom and breathe the fresh air of justice and equality.march 3

We can be especially proud of the Portland contingency who made special sacrifice to attend. Let’s see if we can live up to the challenge of¬†helping to move the needle and lifting the aspirations of black people in Portland.

posey at the march

I, for one, am committed to doing so. ¬†This is not my fight…its our’s.

Together, we stand.