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Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday

Black Oregon Pioneer Celebrates 78th birthday

Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday 2

I wish someone would tell the story of how hard life has been for black people just trying to make a living and exist in Oregon/Northwest. Today is Alvin Hall’s 78 birthday and I want to share that he and his Company ‘Rock and Road Construction” are the oldest black dump trucking firm in Oregon. Long story short, they are the forerunners of most of the work done by black dump trucking firms in Oregon. They embraced me when I tried to enter the industry 30 years ago. They tried to teach me and show me the ropes but I was hard-headed and it took a long time to learn. I love these guys because they epitomize the American dream, “Work Hard and God will bless you”. It did not always work out that way but it was beautiful dreaming despite the nightmares encountered by the racist systems blocking us. Alvin and his brother L.B. Anderson (now deceased) rescued me. I almost lost life trying to a unload a haul when this old Mack dump bed broke and crashed on the incline at this Troutdale I -84 interchange construction. Alvin was there to help me.

But the story is that Alvin had his 78th  birthday today and we should all celebrate because he loves the black community and is truly a black pioneer with a heart of Gold.

Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday 3Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday 4

The I-5 Rose Quarter project-Dr Claud Anderson had it Right

Dr. Claud Anderson had it RIGHT

The I-5 Rose Quarter project-Dr Claud Anderson had it Right 7

We are at a crossroads, let’s not blow it this time.

The untimely issues raised around ODOT’s I-5 Rose Quarter construction project have caused me to consider deeper issues about Black folks in Portland. My question to our community: Who has historically benefitted from the many developments that we have seen, especially in N-NE Portland? I’m talking about the very developments that have further marginalized and scattered us as a people.

Just look around our community at the many construction projects that have helped gentrify our neighborhood and tell me who has benefited? So what makes you think that things will be different this time around when most of the players are white men who have done very little to truly aid and empower our community. Many of these people have profited greatly on the backs of the community, increasing their wealth through mixed-use, low-income housing developments that we were told would empower us and keep our people in the neighborhood.

Look around inner N/NE Portland and ask yourself one simple question: Did it work? And seriously, are we so naïve to think things will be different this time? In the ’80s, we had “Reaganomics” which showed that trickle-down economic theory did not work for black people. The rich became richer, and as a group, Black people are in worse shape now economically than we have ever been. But don’t get me wrong, I am pro-development if Black people control it at every level. This means it needs to be substantial enough that our community can capitalize, finance, build, own, and benefit from the generational wealth that it creates.

Unfortunately, we have always had many Judases in our community who are more than willing to sell us out for 30 pieces of something. Yes, the Black slave catchers still exist. And yes, there were actual house slaves that worked hand in hand with the master to further white superiority and supremacy. As a result, our people perished due to their lack of knowledge. Finally, it is time for people to wake up and look beyond the propaganda that is constantly being fed to them and realize that it is a psychological operation to further weaken us and keep us divided.

We need to stop depending on this governmental system, along with white benevolence, that by design is set up to keep us always wanting and thus in an inferior position. Your voices need to be heard now. Consider: economics through living-wage jobs and industry entrepreneurship has always been needed to establish and build a healthy and vibrant community. Black people must have a consistent means to bring dollars into their community. Once these dollars are in the community, we can then start the true re-building process by our own hands and create wealth by keeping those dollars circulating amongst ourselves. Hence the beauty and nail salons, barbershops, restaurants, art and entertainment venues, and other service-oriented businesses make up a healthy vibrant community, all flowing from a strong economic base.

Although it is not the only form for economic growth, the construction industry is critical to a community due to reduced barriers to entry without needing to incur much debt. Generally, all one needs to be successful is to show up consistently, have a positive attitude, and a good work ethic to establish a living-wage career. In addition, there are many professional positions that folks can grow into without a formal education, including becoming a business owner.

This country was built on the free labor of slaves who possessed many trade skills in 1865. I submit that the systemic policies put in place over the last 120 years transferred those skills from the Black population to the majority population along with much of the economics and wealth that has been created since emancipation.

Black people in Portland have not always understood that a bird in the hand is worth more than a bunch in the bush. And I pray that they don’t follow Dorthey down a yellow brick road and are smart enough to look behind the curtain and see who is pulling the strings. In other words, Black folks have a chance to go with an authentic black man and an organization with proven results focused on self-economic empowerment that is openly shared and designed to improve every aspect of Black life in Portland. I hope and pray we don’t blow it by following false prophets instead.

The Portland Branch of the NAACP is having a discussion Sunday 12:00 to 1 PM let your voices be heard.

Meeting link: Zoom link

Meeting ID: 889 6818 1081

Passcode: 312194


Outstanding by the grace of God.

Outstanding 9

I normally don’t pay too much attention to birthdays on FB because I think it is one of FB’s biggest gimmicks.  But at 75 I think I must thank God from whom all blessing flow. Although I have had tremendous lost in the last several Covid-19 months, God willing, I plan on moving to the next 75 years.  I’m going to stop hanging sheetrock in the basement for today and just do a little grooving with the music and celebrate life with my beautiful family.  Y’all can jam with me if want to.  Here’s my first “Jam” which sums up how I feel at 75.  I like this version but the original Gap Band cut is Dope too.

OutstandingOutstandingOutstanding 10Outstanding 11

Thanks to my all family and friends for the many happy birthday wishes.

BTW. Please don’t say black don’t crack. Ask my knees, shoulders, neck and Sacroiliac.

JoAnn’s Chickens coming home to Roost

JoAnn's Chickens coming home to Roost 16

JoAnn’s Chickens

I think I have some personal insights viewing your bleeding acknowledgment about your relationship with this alleged predator. You were repeatedly warned emphatically about evidence depicting the deceitful, deviant, disruptive, abusive behavior exhibited by this tragic individual. You chose to ignore the glaring evidence. Not only did you choose to ignore clear evidence, but you attempted to demonize those who brought corroborating information. Dismissing many as agitators and malcontents, and troublemakers.  Now all of a sudden when chickens are coming home to roost you are feigning hurt and disappointment. Instead of listening to people who would tell you the truth early on, you stopped attending regular NAACP general meetings as if you were on some sort of elevated pedestal. You abandoning the real work of the organization that gave you the platform to become a City commissioner. What’s even worse is you manipulated the processes to install, promote, and glorify this person in the NAACP branch and the general body of politics. It’s like you were the gateway to legitimize all his perversion. You are complicit as if to spread a virus. As someone who has worked on your behalf and believed in you, I feel like a victim for trusting your judgment. And our community just needs to know, you are not the pure, moral, infallible leader you would have all of Portland to believe. Maybe you will learn from this and do better in the future but I am not holding my breath.

Yeah I am Bragging


Yeah I am Bragging 18

Yeah, I am bragging.  This week I needed some good news. And I found it when BPI (Black Parent Initiative ) chose to name me as their first annual Black Excellence Award recipient. And let me tell you, I have gotten a few community awards in my day, but this one is special and the most heartfelt of all. I felt the love and God knows black people could do with a 1000 more BPIs to uplift our community. Thank you BPI and please know that you will always have a special place in my heart.

I never thought I would be saying this but: Loretta is the best choice.

I never thought I would be saying this but: Loretta is the best choice. 19

I never thought I would be saying this but: Loretta is the best choice. 

Wow, I have been wrestling with the choice of who to vote for in this City Council race. It has been very difficult for me for several reasons but, let’s face it, it’s a binary choice. I know Loretta’s weaknesses and strength but I don’t know Ryan who I understand was in charge of the Hands Raised a program to help close the achievement gap. Since the education achievement gap has not closed but has widened, I can’t see anything on his resume that makes me want to vote for him. Secondly, I would not like to have someone on City Council who is likely to have a ring in his nose being lead around by JoAnn Hardesty. She has already gotten too arrogant for my taste. Despite my concerns about Loretta’s questionable choices, holding grudges, and being full of herself, she is the best choice, particularly for the black community.


Why Kill Black Men like me?

I have a range of emotions about the current events of today, but you all know I have to get my voice out. In all this commotion about Portland and the Black Lives Matter movement, I want to focus us back on an event that helps frame the context. On October 16, 1995, I filmed segments of the Million Man March in Washington DC. It was one of the most inspiring events in my 75-year life span on this earth. It was beautiful beyond my wildest expectation. And because of all the chaos experienced on the streets of Portland daily, I wanted to point out, in contrast, the beautiful assembly of over a million black men more than a decade ago. And to note that contrary to popular perceptions, black men are the most peaceful species on the planet. When are we going to acknowledge that?

Please anybody who attended that event please see my short Youtube video. Believe it or not, Joyce Harris was there, Anthony and Freddie Polk were there and many more including O.B. Hill and Baruti Artharee. Please if you want to see something uplifting and inspiring, exposing the real character of black men, view this short version of that event:  Share it with your white friends who want to see who George Floyd is. And why it was not necessary to put a knee on his neck.

Hit me black and let me know what you think.





Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community

Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community 26Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community 27

Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community

This action has clinched my decision not to vote for Ted Wheeler. “He can be bullied” and with his weak ass, he let Chief Resch be the sacrificial lamb for the stupid mistakes made by the police. He is the police commissioner and the buck stops with him. It is downright pitiful to watch him capitulate to JoAnn who is lending him her backbone.

With regards to the new Chief Lovell, who I don’t know, but I know he is being set up. Does anybody believe that he will not be undermined by all those senior officers he passed over to get the job? Resch just like Outlaw was not supported by this weak ass Mayor and no one can be successful in this job just because he is a nice guy. And God bless Herndon and Hopson but this is one time I wish they would stay in their lanes and do social work. It is mind-blowing to me that Larry Anderson, Kevin Modica, Vince Elmore, Harry Jackson, Derrick Foxworth were not at the podium talking about the intersection between police and the black community. And where are the young black leaders who forced everybody’s hand?