A snake raises it’s ugly head

A snake raises it’s ugly head 2

I thought going into 2021 we could leave behind the despicable people who misrepresented our values for honesty and decency. The former President of the Portland NAACP (E.D. Mondaine) was a straight-up disgrace and now he wants to try and rehabilitate is his horrible record with a disingenuous editorial of encouragement for the new leadership. It’s sad. This man is sick. Somebody needs to find him some help. As one other respondent to his article said, public officials who enabled him ought to apologize and acknowledge being complicit in his harm to the community. Until they do, it is also a stain on their leadership and character. And I don’t plan on letting them forget.

The Portland Observer newspaper ought not to be a platform for his poisonous lies and misrepresentations. And the Community ought to hold this paper accountable.

I was wrong as two Left Shoes


I was wrong as two Left Shoes 4

I was wrong as two Left Shoes 5

Needless to say, I was wrong as two left shoes about Georgia. No one could be happier than I about how black people and many whites showed up to change the national narrative about this state and the progressive prospects for this region. There is hope but we must not let our guard down now and put our shoulder to the wheel to take advantage of this enormous change. Still, 74 million folks voted for a racist lunatic. If that ain’t scary I don’t know what is.

Georgia’s True Colors will show on the January the 5th

Raphael Warnock

I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see how Warnock can win in Django country. For me, Georgia regardless of their nearly 12.000 votes blue win for Biden, epitomizes America’s hate for black people. Regardless of Atlanta’s reputation as the Black Mecca of America the rest of Georgia is KKK country and the land of the Red Necks. I hope there is a miracle on January 5th but my instincts tell the real south will rise again to show its ugly racist head. Anytime these confederate states can walk the plank for an imbecile like Don Trump and sell out democracy for the devil of white supremacy we just need to know we are all in trouble in 2021 and beyond. Somebody tell me I am wrong.