Outstanding by the grace of God.

Outstanding 2

I normally don’t pay too much attention to birthdays on FB because I think it is one of FB’s biggest gimmicks.  But at 75 I think I must thank God from whom all blessing flow. Although I have had tremendous lost in the last several Covid-19 months, God willing, I plan on moving to the next 75 years.  I’m going to stop hanging sheetrock in the basement for today and just do a little grooving with the music and celebrate life with my beautiful family.  Y’all can jam with me if want to.  Here’s my first “Jam” which sums up how I feel at 75.  I like this version but the original Gap Band cut is Dope too.

OutstandingOutstandingOutstanding 3Outstanding 4

Thanks to my all family and friends for the many happy birthday wishes.

BTW. Please don’t say black don’t crack. Ask my knees, shoulders, neck and Sacroiliac.