Sue Bruh Sue

Sue Bruh Sue 4

Black guest ousted from Portland’s Doubletree hotel sues for $10 million, points to more reports of alleged racial profiling in Hilton

I say to the bruh “Sue Baby Sue”.  But we have to ask what’s wrong with our local NAACP branch and the regional state conference leadership holding a Gala at the scene of the Grime?

My daughters want be to be Mr. Nice Guy on Facebook. I’m working on it NOT. One only has to view these pictures of the local branch of the NAACP hobnobbing and hamming it up at the scene of the grime (DoubleTree Freedom Fundraiser). It makes me want to puke. If you are spotted in this gallery of pictures, I just pray that you just didn’t know.


Albert Lee for Congress 2020

Albert Lee for Congress 2020 6

Albert Lee for Congress 2020

Tonight, I am endorsing Albert Lee for US Congress 3rd District. Essentially, I am supporting him for the same reason I supported JoAnn Hardesty for City Council. (I wish I had some of the money back raised to help support her.} But like she implied in her run for office, these old white guys need to gather their things, go home and take a long nap. Seriously, I struggled with the notion of supporting Earl Blumenauer but in truth I could not find one thing through his long history of representing the 3rd district that he’s done specifically for black people. Black people don’t ride a lot of bicycles, and things under his administration hasn’t gotten better for black people. Black people are still registering goose eggs (0s) in terms of participation on federal contracts, we still have a huge education achievement gap, our home ownership rates are the worse ever, and we still have the highest incarceration rates. Need I say more?

On the other hand Albert Lee is a up and coming young black man who has principles and talent. He has a good campaign agenda and he has courage as exhibited by him standing up to the bullying tactics of E.D. Mondaine at the last NAACP general membership meeting. Here’s what he said in his last correspondence in our effort to check E.D.

“Please post on all my social media and provide links to Rosa Colquitt and James Posey, cc’d here so that they may link and re-post. Thank you.

To all who plan on attending tomorrow’s Portland NAACP Gala, I ask that you reconsider. At the last monthly meeting of the NAACP, I asked openly for the president to step down for improper leadership by fiat, questionable & murky accounting, and general incompetence. 

At the end of the meeting, the president openly threatened me with physical violence. In light of what I have witnessed, I have no confidence that funds raised from this event will be appropriately handled or benefit the community. Unlike our newest member @repblumenauer, I have zero confidence in the current leadership of this organization and will not be attending the event.


Albert Lee”


Albert Lee (he/him)
m: 503-451-0439




Here we Go Again

Here we Go Again 8

The New Black Chamber of Commerce

Oh My God. Here we go again. With the exception of Mr. Cason, nobody knows these people. They must all be related and/or work for each other. It smells like another SCAM. And they have the nerve to use the NAACP to birth this mess.

But here’s what I think:

What is it about Portland that encourages and accepts pathological behavior from devious black people? There is a persistent and clear pattern followed by people like E.D. Mondaine.

We’ve seen this movie before. And it’s really a very scary one. It’s called the Roy Jay Rerun and here is the script or story line:

  • Find, commandeer and embed yourself into a vulnerable weak non-profit organization like a local NAACP having a solid national reputation and brand.
  • Exploit the organization’s weaknesses by imposing self-serving directives over national recognized rules, bylaws and directives.
  • Structure and leverage executive officers and processes in absolute conformance to your directives, tolerating no descent.
  • Use the organization for personal gain while building self-serving economic and political platforms.
  • Latching on to every troubling issue that will further your public profile and your external leadership credentials.
  • Produce grandiose events and circumstances primarily centered around your self-serving agenda.
  • Cultivate relationships with conveniently naive public officials seeking to ingratiate themselves to the black community.
  • Effectively use the NAACP brand without commensurate compensation to the national office.
  • Lie and use the misery of black people to gain personal prominence.
  • Mis-use membership money and resources to foster a false narrative about the needs, conditions, and aspirations of black people.
  • Pretend it is all about us when it’s really all about you.
  • Co-opt the local black press with patronizing ads and back door financial deals. Getting the black press to run glorifying un-sourced propaganda.
  • Use social media to lie and manipulate public perceptions about your capabilities and motives.
  • Sense a void and fill it with a bogus a organization like the Black Chamber of Commerce sham.
  • Claiming to be the victim when your dirty deeds are exposed.

Somebody answer me, why do we keep going through this over and over again? I feel like we are contending with the Devil himself disguised as God’s servant.


I got Dissed

I got Dissed 10

What do you think Facebook, what would you do?

I got word this morning that the President of the local NAACP branch was on JoAnn Hardesty’s KBOO radio program this morning. It was a propaganda love fest about this Thorns BS fundraising dinner on Saturday and series of lies about what the NAACP is currently doing. So I listened in for minute and when JoAnn asked listeners to call in, I did. She took my call and after I identified myself, I expressed a need to give a counter view of the NAACP and its leadership, she refused and cut me off. Near the end of the program, another person called in and wanted to express a counter view but was also denied access.

I ain’t going to lie. It was a shocker to me and most of you know what I’ve attempted to do to support JoAnn. But she dissed me for the crooked shady dude she was interviewing.

So what would you do Facebook?

They even said in the next few days they’re going to do a series of pod cast. I think they are just to spread more lies about what the NAACP is doing.

I don’t have a pod cast. Is there anybody out there with a pod cast who would like to host and interview me so I can tell the otherside of this story?

What do you think Facebook?


Ugly NAACP 12

My name is Rosa Colquitt. I am a member of NAACP Portland Branch 1120. After looking forward to the Freedom Fund Dinner for a number of months, I have concluded that I cannot, in good conscience, and a commitment to my personal values and ethics, support this Branch 1120 fundraising activity. I will clarify my reasons as honestly, objectively and as succinctly as I can. They are specifically: (1) the overt continuation of bylaw violations by the branch president, and (2) the lack of transparency with branch unit finances, even to a member of the finance committee, leading to a climate of hostility and suppression of voices that are not in lock-step agreement with President Mondaine. 


(1) On May 14, 2019, the Executive Committee held its May monthly exec meeting during the absence of Chapter President E.D. Mondaine. In direct violation of the Constitution of the NAACP and Bylaws for Units, Article VII, 2, Vice Chair, “The Vice-Chair . . . shall assume and perform all of the duties and functions of the Chair in the latter’s absence, disability or unavailability as defined by the Board of Directors,” the president designated the treasurer, coincidentally a male, to preside over the executive meeting. At that time, neither the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd vice chair, all Black females, were given the opportunity to preside over the executive meeting. The issue was openly raised at the opening of the meeting on May 14, 2019, as to why the vice chairs were overlooked and the treasurer determined he would turn the gavel over to the 2nd vice chair in the absence of the 1st vice chair.


(2)  On June 11, 2019, the Executive Committee held its June monthly exec meeting during the absence of President Mondaine. Again, in direct violation of the Constitution of the NAACP and Bylaws for Units, Article VII, 2, Vice Chair, the president designated the secretary, coincidentally a male, to preside over the executive meeting. At that time, neither the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd vice chair, all Black females, were not given the opportunity to preside over the executive meeting. Their duly described duties were again openly disrespected by the president flaunting his perceived authority to dismiss the bylaws.  


(3) On July 8, 2019, the duly elected 1st vice chair officially tendered her resignation, by email, to the members of the Executive Committee.


(4) On July 9, 2019, the Executive Committee held its May monthly exec meeting with President Mondaine presiding over the same. The atmosphere was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Not only were there hard feelings over the open disrespect I felt as a 3rd vice chair of the Exec Board, but E.D. once again appointed a new male committee chair, whom other board members did not know, and had not been given an opportunity as agreed upon to review his resume before giving board approval. After sitting through a bruising 10-minute rant by E.D. concerning uncooperative Board members, folks not volunteering to do this and that, all the great work he’s doing as president and related accolades, and more, I exited the meeting at 6:10 p.m., ten minutes after the scheduled adjournment time. I verbally stated “I did not appreciate being talked down to like a 10-year old, and that I found his behavior hostile and oppressive.” The president’s response:  “Bye Rosa Colquitt.”


(5) On July 16, 2019, I tendered my official resignation as appointed 3rd Vice Chair, via email to President Mondaine, copied to the State Area Conference President Gerald Hankerson and Secretary Darlene Andrus.


(6) On many stressful occasions, more than I can enumerate, I have raised considerable questions as both a branch member and finance committee member about the following concerns only to be met with open hostility:   (a)  the lack of a full and open discussion, with both the 1120 membership and Portland’s Black community at large, concerning the decision to hold the Freedom Fund Gala at the DoubleTree Hilton — particularly in the face of the December 2018 racial profiling of Jermaine Massey; Branch 1120 belongs to the community, NOT the president and executive committee; (b) the lack of a review of the contract with the Double Tree Hilton for the Freedom Fund Gala; (c) the lack of a review of the contract with the Lloyd Center Mall for the office space; and (d) the EGREGIOUS spending of Chapter funds for the purchase of first class airline tickets for travel to the National NAACP Convention in Detroit by the president and secretary. There is little or no TRANSPARENCY in Branch 1120 financial expenditures. Although the bylaws may not require dissemination of this financial info, there should be no reason that interested members cannot make reasonable inquiry. (If anyone is interested in a lengthy series of emails pertaining to item (d) and concerns about 11 unconfirmed July credit card debits, feel free to contact me.)


(7) On August 24, 2019, the seeming need by the president, and possibly others on the executive committee to suppress “perceived” dissenting voices, took a new low. In direct violation of the Constitution of the NAACP and Bylaws for Units, Article V, 6., Meetings, says special meetings of the Exec. Comm. “may be called by the President, Secretary or by two members of the Committee on two days written notice.” An August 24 meeting was called on just a few minutes’ notice to remove me, in my absence with no knowledge, from the Finance Committee. 


For these reasons and more than discussed herein, I cannot support a financial fundraiser by Branch 1120. It is highly doubtful that the disclosure of expenditures and receipts will be fully disclosed to the membership at any time. Moreover, those members who raise questions will be faced with hostility and dismissal. May I remind ALL who are reading this email that I am actually talking about the NAACP, the oldest civil rights organization in the history of the United States. Please remember the mission of the NAACP.

~Dr. Rosa Colquitt



On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 9:33 AM PDX NAACP <> wrote:





Dear NAACP Member/Supporter

We are pleased and honored to invite you and a guest to our 2019 Freedom Fund Gala, taking place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland on Saturday, October 5, 2019. The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with a private cocktail hour for our VIP guests, immediately followed by the Gala. Other elements include mingling with legendary Gospel great Zella Jackson Price, of Say Amen Somebody, live entertainment, and, of course, a delicious dinner. The dress for the evening is semi-formal.

It’s no secret that Portland has blazed many amazing trails, but the racism in Oregon’s history remains a thorn in the stem of the diverse city we have become. The only way to accomplish the call to action stated in our event’s theme, “Removing the Thorns of Racism in the City of Roses,” is by making a commitment to understand our communities, and to aggressively challenge racist ideologies, both covert and overt.

When we actively work together to face racism, acknowledge it, and abolish such instances, we will be laying a formidable foundation for future generations of Portlanders.

With that, we genuinely hope that you would honor us with your presence. Should you accept our invitation, we kindly ask you to visit to purchase your Sponsorship and or VIP seat at the Table. For any queries or questions, please contact Antjuan Tolbert,

Looking forward to your acceptance and to enjoying an impactful gala with you.


Antjuan Tolbert

Secretary, Branch 1120