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On the Mend

On the Mend 4

Thank God the Billy Webb Elks Lodge is on the mend. Finally, it seems they are beginning to handle the business of getting this beloved building and its programs back up and running. Some know that this is one of the few black-owned and operated buildings in Portland and Oregon.

They are not home yet, but thanks to the efforts of folks like Deborah Roache, Lou Mclemore, and Debora Hutchins things are beginning to move. There are others involved but these are the key people and they need your help. This is where community support means something.

Reportedly the building caught fire by transit homeless people smoking on the back entrance during the height of COVID. Black people again feeling the devastating consequences of COVID.

The original restoration started back in 2008:


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Asleep at the Switch

The Portland branch of the NAACP can be accused of being asleep at the switch if we don’t get the word out. Attached is our poster and flyer about this coming election process. Please be patient with us as we try to make up for lost time in this critical election season.

If you are not registered yet it is almost too late!!!!!!! Get busy and register everybody and their mother.

Asleep at the Switch 12

Portland NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner Fundraiser

Ok, my people, it’s going down on October 28. The Portland NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner Fundraiser is the hottest ticket event for 2023. Don’t miss it. Get your tickets now.Portland NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner Fundraiser 16

Below are only 10 reasons you should join the NAACP and celebrate with us on October 28:

  • Advocacy: By joining the NAACP, you become part of a community of advocates who work to promote equal rights and justice for all. Members have the opportunity to participate in advocacy campaigns that aim to improve civil rights and social justice for people of color.
  • Education: The NAACP provides members with educational resources and opportunities to learn about civil rights, social justice, and policy issues. Members can attend conferences, workshops, and other events that provide education on topics like voting rights, police reform, and educational equity.
  • Networking: Joining the NAACP provides opportunities to network with like-minded individuals who share a passion for social justice and racial equality. Members can connect with leaders and activists who are working to make a difference in their communities.
  • Leadership: Development: The NAACP offers leadership development opportunities for members to develop their skills and take on leadership roles within the organization. Members can develop skills in communication, advocacy, and community organizing.
  • Civic Engagement: The NAACP encourages civic engagement among its members by promoting voter registration, voter education, and participation in local and national elections. Members can also participate in local advocacy efforts that aim to improve their communities.
  • Legal Support: The NAACP provides legal support to members who experience discrimination or other civil rights violations. Members have access to a network of attorneys who can provide legal advice and representation in cases related to civil rights.
  • Scholarships: The NAACP offers scholarships to students who are committed to promoting civil rights and social justice. Members can apply for these scholarships to support their education and career goals.
  • Health and Wellness: The NAACP promotes health and wellness among its members by providing resources and information on topics like mental health, nutrition, and physical activity. Members can participate in health and wellness programs that aim to improve their overall well-being.
  • Community Service: The NAACP encourages members to engage in community service projects that support social justice and racial equality. Members can participate in local initiatives that aim to improve the lives of people of color in their communities.
  1. Personal Fulfillment: Joining the NAACP can provide a sense of personal fulfillment by allowing individuals to contribute to a cause they are passionate about. Members can take pride in being part of an organization that has a long history of fighting for civil rights and promoting social

A True Faith Leader

The Reverend Dr. T Allen Bethel 

Gone but never to be forgotten.

A True Faith Leader 19


A True Faith Leader 20

December 2020 has been brutal to me. Rev Bethel is just one of the loved people in my life gone forever. Many words have already been spoken but with my arm around him a few years back, a picture is worth a thousand words.

A true faith leader

One step to help repair and heal the pain. step to help repair and heal the pain. 22

The North/Northeast Preference Policy

The Preference Policy is an effort by the Portland Housing Bureau to address the ongoing harmful impacts of urban renewal by giving preference to housing applicants who were displaced, are at risk of displacement, or the descendants of families displaced due to urban renewal activity in North and Northeast Portland. Learn more about the preference policy here.

A white guy named Matthew Tschadbold help lead this effort.

Albert Lee for Congress 2020

Albert Lee for Congress 2020 24

Albert Lee for Congress 2020

Tonight, I am endorsing Albert Lee for US Congress 3rd District. Essentially, I am supporting him for the same reason I supported JoAnn Hardesty for City Council. (I wish I had some of the money back raised to help support her.} But like she implied in her run for office, these old white guys need to gather their things, go home and take a long nap. Seriously, I struggled with the notion of supporting Earl Blumenauer but in truth I could not find one thing through his long history of representing the 3rd district that he’s done specifically for black people. Black people don’t ride a lot of bicycles, and things under his administration hasn’t gotten better for black people. Black people are still registering goose eggs (0s) in terms of participation on federal contracts, we still have a huge education achievement gap, our home ownership rates are the worse ever, and we still have the highest incarceration rates. Need I say more?

On the other hand Albert Lee is a up and coming young black man who has principles and talent. He has a good campaign agenda and he has courage as exhibited by him standing up to the bullying tactics of E.D. Mondaine at the last NAACP general membership meeting. Here’s what he said in his last correspondence in our effort to check E.D.

“Please post on all my social media and provide links to Rosa Colquitt and James Posey, cc’d here so that they may link and re-post. Thank you.

To all who plan on attending tomorrow’s Portland NAACP Gala, I ask that you reconsider. At the last monthly meeting of the NAACP, I asked openly for the president to step down for improper leadership by fiat, questionable & murky accounting, and general incompetence. 

At the end of the meeting, the president openly threatened me with physical violence. In light of what I have witnessed, I have no confidence that funds raised from this event will be appropriately handled or benefit the community. Unlike our newest member @repblumenauer, I have zero confidence in the current leadership of this organization and will not be attending the event.


Albert Lee”


Albert Lee (he/him)
m: 503-451-0439