It’s The Little Things

It's The Little Things 2

It’s the little things.

I’m happy to see that Legacy Health systems have stepped up to repair the damage on the corner of NE Willams and Stanton. A few months back, some likely intoxicated fool drove a vehicle into the fence and signage on this corner and destroyed everything. And within the last month, a black man (not the first) was killed 50 feet from the corner. Across the street, there is an open drug market right next to Immaculate Heart catholic church. They are exchanging everything from Pampers to stolen chain saws for drugs. I’ve lived down the street for nearly 40 years and know it is a menacing corner where outright lawlessness abides. I attribute this situation to our local politicians who have devalued police scrutiny on corners like this and thrown our entire criminal justice system into chaos. Moreover, as was the black man recently killed, for months now, it has been a source of various criminal activity adjacent to and inside historic Dawson Park. I see no end in sight. 

However, it’s very heartening to see the Emannuel hospital (Legacy Health) take responsibility for restoring some sense of order and decency to this corner. It is the little things that are going to make a difference in our community. We all know that Legacy historically has done some bad stuff to the black community but we need to give a shout-out to Legacy Health Systems for today attempting to repair the breach with a little thing. 

 Daye, Rustie A :LSO Facility Services <RDAYE@LHS.ORG>

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The “Walking Dead”

The “Walking Dead”

I know I am not the only one who is confused and frustrated by the precipitous decline in the quality of life for us living in Portland.  And I have always been perplexed by the lack of empirical analysis from academia as to why things have gone south and how we change this miserable situation. Well, this explanation by Don Dupay is the best I have seen so far addressing the issue of homelessness. Just yesterday it was heartbreaking driving north on NE 33rd toward Marine  Dr. I felt like I was entering a real-life episode of the “Walking Dead”. Don’s explanation makes sense to me or am I missing something?

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Canaan made it happen.

He really made it happen

Without airing a lot of dirty laundry, the Oregonian headlines only tells part of the story.

.Canaan made it happen. 7

Not to diminish anyone’s efforts, and while all these politicians are taking credit, when in fact this one tall brother (Canaan Chatman) working inside of Andersen Construction brought this project across the finish line. Without Canaan, Allen Temple could have been struggling in the wilderness for at least another 7 years.

Canaan made it happen. 8

Thank you Canaan, I’m going to tell the truth.