Black Business Pioneers

Black Business Pioneers 1

I went to the home going celebration for Bernadette Artharee -Scott today.

I am not sure people in Portland know what the passing of Bernadette Artharee -Scott means. I did not know her well but I knew her Daddy and I can tell you, she was a chip off the old block.

In a town where black people are so severely under-represented in the business arena with very few black male role models, Henry Scott was my inspiration. Now his first born is gone and I deeply feel the loss of them both. “Black Business Pioneers.” Coast Industries.

Warren is the best choice

Warren is the best choice 3

I have been holding off endorsing a candidate for President but the truth is I would vote for a three-legged red dog in order to get rid of trump. However, because things are tightening up, I had better get my two cents in now even if no one cares what I think. I am endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President. I am endorsing her because I think she would really kick ass and take names. I also think she is honest and seriously a progressive for all people. I would also endorse Amy as a second choice. I think we all should recognize it is time for woman to be the President of these United States. A woman should be president for these reasons:

  • Because they have the ability to bare children means, they are less likely to try and send your children into War.
  • Because they are principally the reason why most families stay together, they are less likely to sacrifice the American family for their own selfish ego.
  • They will do anything to ensure a future for their children so they will design policies and encourage laws to reduce debt, take climate change seriously, make education a priority, eliminate homelessness, leave no child behind, bridge economic disparity and close the wealth gap.

I seriously supported Obama in most cases but we all know that Michelle was the shadow President. A female should get a chance to clean up this mess white men have made in America.

Biden or Sanders might win the nomination and I would vote for either one of them in opposition to trump. However, I generally think old white men ought to go somewhere and sit down.






It was a pure joy for me on Thursday to see Black People large and in charge (on the front roll) at the dedication of the TRI-Met Division Street Improvement project. Raimore Construction was awarded the largest contract ever for a Black firm in the history of Oregon construction procurements (87 million dollars). Paraphrasing the owner, Jeff Moreland as he spoke to the large group of attendees, “As you look around, you’ll notice we are not seeking diversity, WE ARE DIVERSITY.” In truth Raimore sets a new standard for any minority or non-minority construction firm seeking to demonstrate diversity. And he certainly puts to shame those so-called black firms who only employ one or two black employees and contributes virtually nothing back to the black community. The HEAT IS ON.


Portland’s Economic Apartheid pure and simple

Portland's Economic Apartheid pure and simple 10

End of Apartheid in South Africa? Not in Economic Terms (NYT)

Political liberation has yet to translate into material gains for blacks. As one woman said, “I’ve gone from a shack to a shack.”

I was at Portland City Hall last week supporting a program called COEP Contractor Opportunity Enhance Program. Its a program designed to allocated 1% of the proceeds from a small selected group of city owned projects to assist in the development of minority, women and other disadvantaged business contractors. I supported the program because I concluded something is better than nothing.  Although I knew that 1% is close to nothing.  I compared it to the Arts Tax  which is at 2%. The Mayor suggested that it was not enough but he intended to leverage it into something bigger.  In this political season I heard the echos of another prominent activist “Promises Promise Promise”.  After several decades of promising equity, blacks are still at the bottom and I compared it to Apartheid like in South Africa. Continuing several decades of keeping blacks at the bottom, the City is still not interested in significantly divesting in the unions and other institutional systems that maintain Portland’s economic Apartheid with blacks status quo at the bottom.

Portland's Economic Apartheid pure and simple 11

Are you Serious on Dr. Martin Luther Kings Birthday?

Are you Serious on Dr. Martin Luther Kings Birthday? 13

Are you serious? The best thing a Brother or Sister can do on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is do what I did: Write a check to the Jamie Harrison running against Lindsey Graham for the US Senate in South Carolina, Amy McGrath for the US Senate in Kentucky against Mitch McConnell (Moscow Mitch) and Mark Kelly for the US Senate in Arizona against Martha McSally. Talk is cheap but money talks.  While you are at it, give Malcolm a little credit on this day.

Are you Serious on Dr. Martin Luther Kings Birthday? 14Are you Serious on Dr. Martin Luther Kings Birthday? 15Are you Serious on Dr. Martin Luther Kings Birthday? 16

One step to help repair and heal the pain. step to help repair and heal the pain. 18

The North/Northeast Preference Policy

The Preference Policy is an effort by the Portland Housing Bureau to address the ongoing harmful impacts of urban renewal by giving preference to housing applicants who were displaced, are at risk of displacement, or the descendants of families displaced due to urban renewal activity in North and Northeast Portland. Learn more about the preference policy here.

A white guy named Matthew Tschadbold help lead this effort.