Join our fight to stop DBE Abuses

It should be evident by now that we must put all our energies and resources together to change the horrible conditions of our communities. We have to start down this road of working together to make positive change. Join us in this collaboration of effort to tell this story, lift ourselves up and take action against those who deny us economic access and prosperity in the DBE and other economically beneficial programs. Join us now.

This website is meant to be the center for national collaboration and to bring knowledge, focus, skills and execution to the challenge of recapturing economic resources critical to the health and welfare of our communities.

Our strategy is simple: collect national incidents of violations, abuse, and fraudulent misused of federal programs dollars. In doing so, it is our intention to build a national case of intervention through the legal and political process. We have already engaged national legal counsel and have the support of several regional elected officials. So our next step is to sort and categorize the extent of the issues. It is our intent to present our issues on a national platform and obtain a national consensus for action and implementation.  But of course this simple strategy is open for constructive criticism and will be subject to change in favor of more effective ideas and approaches.

We urge you to complete the information requested below to so we might build this network of interested parties and share the fruits of our efforts.

For the sake of those who came before us and our children let’s do this.

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Advocating for Black America, here in Portland Oregon, and beyond.