Let's not cut and run. 1

Let’s not cut and run.

At the first sign of trouble “Let’s not CUT and Run”.

Let's not cut and run. 2

I’m standing up for Joe Biden. I think it’s outrageous for anybody not to consider the amazing job that Joe Biden has been doing for the last several months. His schedule can only be described as grueling. What this senior citizen guy has demonstrated over the last several months is remarkable. I challenge any 35-year-old to do what Joe has done without being tapped out.  His trips overseas to commemorate the D-Day invasion and attend the G-8 summit alone were spectacular. Next, he traveled to HBCU Howard and gave the commencement speech. Then he went to Philadelphia, California, and across the country like a hurricane, rallying the troops.  This man’s stamina, work ethic, and intensity to get the job done cannot be denied, regardless of age.  What I am quite frankly amazed and saddened by is our general lack of respect and appreciation for a man who has made great sacrifices for our country and the world. Have we no shame? As an old guy myself, older than Donald Trump, I know Joe must be exhausted and might even be sick traveling around the world in this COVID-mired environment. Show Joe some real love and loyalty because we all know he is trying to save us from the Devil.

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