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Real Progress

Jesse Jackson, not the preacher national civil rights leader, but our own local homeboy, sent me this article about C D Moody Construction in Atlanta. But I found out that word on the street is that this company is not what it pretends to be. Folks in Atlanta tell me this company’s main purpose is to collaborate with big white companies to make money and really leave struggling black community subcontractors behind. They are not exactly “Front Companies” but close. We have a few of these highly publicized black construction companies operating right here in Portland Oregon and we should be aware that all that glitters black is not gold.

By contrast, we do have two black, and I mean black major construction companies in the Portland area living up to the original intent of creating wealth for the black community through the construction industry. With the support of NAMC-Oregon, Colas and Raimore Construction just completed a successful joint venture partnership on the 40 million re-model of the Oregon Convention center.

This is a big deal because in 1997 we protested the exclusion of black people on the original construction of the Oregon Convention Center and other construction projects on Union Ave, now Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. Dr. King is smiling on high about this progress and so am I.   Real Progress 2Real Progress 3Real Progress 4Real Progress 5 Real Progress 6  Real Progress 7

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