Why Kill Black Men like me?

I have a range of emotions about the current events of today, but you all know I have to get my voice out. In all this commotion about Portland and the Black Lives Matter movement, I want to focus us back on an event that helps frame the context. On October 16, 1995, I filmed segments of the Million Man March in Washington DC. It was one of the most inspiring events in my 75-year life span on this earth. It was beautiful beyond my wildest expectation. And because of all the chaos experienced on the streets of Portland daily, I wanted to point out, in contrast, the beautiful assembly of over a million black men more than a decade ago. And to note that contrary to popular perceptions, black men are the most peaceful species on the planet. When are we going to acknowledge that?

Please anybody who attended that event please see my short Youtube video. Believe it or not, Joyce Harris was there, Anthony and Freddie Polk were there and many more including O.B. Hill and Baruti Artharee. Please if you want to see something uplifting and inspiring, exposing the real character of black men, view this short version of that event:

Youtube.com/watch?v=3xJSSYcTd9o.  Share it with your white friends who want to see who George Floyd is. And why it was not necessary to put a knee on his neck.

Hit me black and let me know what you think.





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