A Vessel of hope 1

A Vessel of hope

A Vessel of hope 2A Vessel of hope 2A Vessel of hope 4

A Vessel of HOPE

A Vessel of hope 2I decided to run for the President of the local  Portland branch the NAACP.  The election is in a few hours and I hope folks vote for me.  But win or lose I know this organization is still relevant in spite of the local branch’s reputation. If I am elected I hope to change all that because we need every tool in the tool kit to help rebuild our community. Thank God everybody knows that black people in America are the most resilient people on the planet. Let’s see if can make the Portland branch a powerful instrument in the fight for justice, equity and anti-discrimination.  As Jesse would say ” Let’s keep HOPE alive”A Vessel of hope 6

See my campaign information:

Campaign Statement and Profile_Portland Branch NAACP Members-final

A Vessel of hope 6




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