Clone Colas's DNA 1

Clone Colas’s DNA

Clone Colas's DNA 2

Clone Colas's DNA 3

The chemistry at last night’s AFO (Architecture Foundation of Oregon) event was exploding. While Herman Colas, as usual, was classic Cool Hand Luke as he accepted the Honored Citizen award, the emotional fireworks were spectacular. I said to myself if only we could clone and replicate Herman’s DNA the world would be healed and prosperity would be the norm in the black community.

Clone Colas's DNA 4

Lisa Chan invited my beautiful wife and me to this event and she is another hidden gem employed by the Convention Center.

Clone Colas's DNA 5

I was also overjoyed to see Daryl Jones whom I trained 30 years ago to go to work at the Convention Center. He rose to the rank of Maintenance Supervisor and just retired after 30 years of service. It is nice to know your work has not been in vain and has borne excellent fruit.

Clone Colas's DNA 6

And I have to give credit to NAMC-Oregon, Nate McCoy/Cinnamon Williams and his crew who did an outstanding job highlighting the life and achievements of the Colas family.  It was all good and a signature event and night in Portland.

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