For Me Pure Political Anguish 1

For Me Pure Political Anguish

For Me Pure Political Anguish 2

Elizabeth Warren is out and I am sad because she represented the best of all the candidates running for President of these United States of America. Why? Because she has “Balls”. But not only does she have “Balls”, but of all the candidates, she combined intelligence with compassion rarely seen in any politician. And unlike some of the other candidates, she carried her own water. She wasn’t dependent on Obama or anybody else to make her case. She had the most authentic combination of strength and humility wrapped in a deep sense of fairness for those oppressed by the current system. Her work on the Consumer Protection law has demonstrated the capacity to challenge the system and win. Sadly, America lost out today because it passed on an opportunity to select the most overall capable person to lead the country. She tried to take the middle lane but her calculation did not fully take into account how Trump has traumatized the country and poisoned the well.  After Trump, the country is choosing safety and conformality over challenge and change. But for the sake of us all, I hope she continues to do what she is noted for, the courage to “Persist”.

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