Here we Go Again 1

Here we Go Again

Here we Go Again 2

The New Black Chamber of Commerce

Oh My God. Here we go again. With the exception of Mr. Cason, nobody knows these people. They must all be related and/or work for each other. It smells like another SCAM. And they have the nerve to use the NAACP to birth this mess.

But here’s what I think:

What is it about Portland that encourages and accepts pathological behavior from devious black people? There is a persistent and clear pattern followed by people like E.D. Mondaine.

We’ve seen this movie before. And it’s really a very scary one. It’s called the Roy Jay Rerun and here is the script or story line:

  • Find, commandeer and embed yourself into a vulnerable weak non-profit organization like a local NAACP having a solid national reputation and brand.
  • Exploit the organization’s weaknesses by imposing self-serving directives over national recognized rules, bylaws and directives.
  • Structure and leverage executive officers and processes in absolute conformance to your directives, tolerating no descent.
  • Use the organization for personal gain while building self-serving economic and political platforms.
  • Latching on to every troubling issue that will further your public profile and your external leadership credentials.
  • Produce grandiose events and circumstances primarily centered around your self-serving agenda.
  • Cultivate relationships with conveniently naive public officials seeking to ingratiate themselves to the black community.
  • Effectively use the NAACP brand without commensurate compensation to the national office.
  • Lie and use the misery of black people to gain personal prominence.
  • Mis-use membership money and resources to foster a false narrative about the needs, conditions, and aspirations of black people.
  • Pretend it is all about us when it’s really all about you.
  • Co-opt the local black press with patronizing ads and back door financial deals. Getting the black press to run glorifying un-sourced propaganda.
  • Use social media to lie and manipulate public perceptions about your capabilities and motives.
  • Sense a void and fill it with a bogus a organization like the Black Chamber of Commerce sham.
  • Claiming to be the victim when your dirty deeds are exposed.

Somebody answer me, why do we keep going through this over and over again? I feel like we are contending with the Devil himself disguised as God’s servant.


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