Illusion of Progress 1

Illusion of Progress

Illusion of Progress 2Illusion of Progress 3

Oh, how I miss William Raspberry. We could use his genius intellectual journalism right about now. I hope we will use his yardstick to measure candidates in the coming election. Some of today’s candidates have been in office almost since Raspberry wrote this article. Despite the clear lack of progress for most black people we still have black gatekeepers running around providing interference for incumbent politicians. These politicians are killing us with their superficial “I feel your pain” liberal do-nothing performance in office. Earl Blumenauer comes to mind. We have a choice. We don’t have to continue voting for these milk toast mainly white guys who have been playing us for decades. In this coming election, we can vote for Albert Lee who dares to challenge the status quo. If we do otherwise, I expect we will be voting for at least 2 more years of William Raspberry’s description of an “Illusion of Progress”Illusion of Progress 4

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