Mike Green nails it. 1

Mike Green nails it.

Wake up Black America. Mike Green nails it.  

Don’t be confused runing around chasing rabbits. Mike Green will help keep us focused. Thank you Mike

Mike Green nails it. 2

For those who think Trump is an authoritarian leading a cult following, perhaps this piece I wrote will change your mind. Before Trump became POTUS, I argued that Trump was the logical choice by a growing movement that isn’t interested in so-called “democracy” but rather defending, conserving and protecting white power, domination and supremacist ideology that fuels the national narrative of a Great White America.

There is no other Republican candidate who comes close to Trump’s overt and covert defiance of all presumed political ideals to prioritize the defense of white supremacy and the taking back this nation from those who seek to change it … at all cost.

Trump was recruited by the supremacist wing (aka “far right”) of the GOP to achieve the goals that a majority of White Christian Conservatives established and fought for with a century of violence (starting in 1868 – backlash to the impeachment of white supremacist President Andrew Johnson … to 1968 and the assassinations of MLK and Bobby Kennedy followed by a landslide election of white supremacist President Richard Nixon).

Today, despite Trump’s lifelong background of corruption and criminal-minded collaborations, he stands alone as the Republican Party frontrunner because, as he continues to remind us all, he alone can salvage the hope his supporters have in putting the brakes on the encroachment of multiculturalism and preserve the domination of white power and control over America’s institutions of power, wealth and influence. This message, and none other, is why Trump remains today the favorite candidate among a majority of White voters … both White men AND White women.

Sadly, the only way to stop this movement is to persuade a majority of White women to align their voting support with the majorities of all nonwhite populations. White women are the nation’s largest voting bloc and they serve as the fulcrum upon which the 2024 election will balance.

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