Portland loses Geneva's, it's Northeast Star 1

Portland loses Geneva’s, it’s Northeast Star



Portland loses Geneva's, it's Northeast Star 2


There is a lot to be sad about during this Covid-19 virus pandemic and at times, it seems like whole elements of my life are unraveling. But the closing of Geneva’s to me is catastrophic. It represents a decline of black cultural mooring for this town. I infrequently got my hair cut at Geneva’s because I had my own barber at another location for 30 years until she got sick, Dora Campbell who I loved dearly. But we all know that in the black community we go to the barbershop and the beauticians for more than just a haircut or a perm. For more than 30 years Dora was my psychologist, comedian, confidante, lay-Pastor, weather person, surrogate mother, friend, sounding board, D.J. and more. Through her lens, I saw different aspects of our community I could never experience on my own in my single lifetime. I also knew her family, watched her kids grow up, as she did mine. In other words, we had a relationship on many levels. I know similarly that Geneva’s had a much broader base of customers and clients that reached deep into the fabric of not only the black community but spilled over in nearly every aspect of life that is good about people in Portland, regardless of race. Family, community, health, wealth, entertainment, youth, engagement, business, style, sports, music, fashion, church………..you name it, Geneva’s symbolized the best. Whatever happens, after this virus thing is over and Geneva’s is not reflected in our mirrors, we will have to search hard and long for another comparable Northeast Star.

2 thoughts on “Portland loses Geneva’s, it’s Northeast Star”

  1. So sad…OMG !
    Not only did I regularly visit Paul Sr. as he sat on his throne in the front room, I regularly got my hair cut on senior Tuesdays… Like losing Reflections only worse…

    1. Life comes in life goals. But this is a hard Icon To lose. Maybe in the history there will be a chance That it will be remembered; Eeconomically none gender fide:
      And change into place where the hopes and dreams of many can continued to be Remembered!
      Wouldn’t that be novel!

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