Questions That Need Answers 1

Questions That Need Answers

BPA Report is launching a new segment.  Each month we will present questions for the purpose of launching discussion.  Here are this months “Questions That Need Answers”.

  1. Are black people too passive in attempts to solve problems in their own community?
  2. And, if so, are our black youth inheriting this passivity? And, what can be done about it?

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One thought on “Questions That Need Answers”

  1. Yes they are passive. And they will pass it on if we dont allow them to learn the truth of who they really are and be who we are. Once africans balance their energy and find the christ within in the temple that no mans hands has made, then maybe they will master their minds so to think in a different way. Not as a slave but as a free…what youre born to be. Not a wretched like some would have us believe. Understand how worthy you all are and demand dont sit around and stand but start saying what you feel to the ones making you feel the way you feel. And if theyre confused on what your message is then try to show them by example. And when your children see this then they will learn by observation what true freedom is. But it cant be begged for. We are not the beggars theyd make us to be. Or i know im not..but the system is set up so that we beg and almost like africans americans are puushed into poverty and drugs and the violence. Its time to show that we are (here on earth) and we aint (leaving till OUR mission is accomplished. As above so below. Master the mind. You’re electronic. Now charge your selves to finish the mission for the african race.

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