Stop Screwing With the City Auditor's Office 1

Stop Screwing With the City Auditor’s Office

Stop Screwing With the City Auditor's Office 2

Citizens need to get involved because the Portland City Council is interfering with the independence of the Auditors Office through the budget process. Check out what the Auditor is urging us to do. I have already made a statement on the record and you should too. 

The Auditor, Mary Caballero will send all the links to back up documentation:Hull Caballero, Mary <>

I am writing to ask you to object to City Council interfering with the independence of the Auditor’s Office. My statement is below, and background documents are attached. City Council should not expect the Auditor’s Office to divert resources away from it core accountability and transparency work to subsidize Council’s Hearings Office. If you would like to provide comment at the virtual public hearing on May 12, you must sign up by tomorrow’s deadline. You also can provide written comment with this online form or by contacting Council offices directly. While the 2017 Charter amendment improved the independence of my office a great deal, I continue to work on and need a budget-setting framework to keep this kind of interference from happening. Please forward this message, too!


Virtual Public Hearing on the Mayor’s FY 2020-21 Proposed Budget

Tuesday, May 12, 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

Public Comment Sign-Up Form: must complete form by 4pm Friday, May 8th.



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