The Chief is Gone 1

The Chief is Gone

The Chief is Gone 2

I never knew Chief Outlaw however I wish her well.  But God knows given the circumstances, her tenure here could only be described as “Mission Impossible”. What is more concerning for me, is the pattern at City Hall of hiring upwardly mobile blacks from around the country who are destined to stay only a few fleeting years. Is Portland becoming Grand Central Station for black transient professionals on the way up? There is nothing wrong with more black professionals climbing another rung on the latter of success regardless of where they come from. But there is a need to stay long enough to understand and appreciate the unique needs and politics of this community. And the truth is regardless of race or sex, Portland needs a Police Chief with long term intentions and demonstrated commitment of breaking the practice of police killing black people at the drop of the hat. I am still trying to figure out why  Kevin Modica is not Chief of Police.

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