Warren is the best choice 1

Warren is the best choice

Warren is the best choice 2

I have been holding off endorsing a candidate for President but the truth is I would vote for a three-legged red dog in order to get rid of trump. However, because things are tightening up, I had better get my two cents in now even if no one cares what I think. I am endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President. I am endorsing her because I think she would really kick ass and take names. I also think she is honest and seriously a progressive for all people. I would also endorse Amy as a second choice. I think we all should recognize it is time for woman to be the President of these United States. A woman should be president for these reasons:

  • Because they have the ability to bare children means, they are less likely to try and send your children into War.
  • Because they are principally the reason why most families stay together, they are less likely to sacrifice the American family for their own selfish ego.
  • They will do anything to ensure a future for their children so they will design policies and encourage laws to reduce debt, take climate change seriously, make education a priority, eliminate homelessness, leave no child behind, bridge economic disparity and close the wealth gap.

I seriously supported Obama in most cases but we all know that Michelle was the shadow President. A female should get a chance to clean up this mess white men have made in America.

Biden or Sanders might win the nomination and I would vote for either one of them in opposition to trump. However, I generally think old white men ought to go somewhere and sit down.


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