Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday 1

Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday

Black Oregon Pioneer Celebrates 78th birthday

Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday 2

I wish someone would tell the story of how hard life has been for black people just trying to make a living and exist in Oregon/Northwest. Today is Alvin Hall’s 78 birthday and I want to share that he and his Company ‘Rock and Road Construction” are the oldest black dump trucking firm in Oregon. Long story short, they are the forerunners of most of the work done by black dump trucking firms in Oregon. They embraced me when I tried to enter the industry 30 years ago. They tried to teach me and show me the ropes but I was hard-headed and it took a long time to learn. I love these guys because they epitomize the American dream, “Work Hard and God will bless you”. It did not always work out that way but it was beautiful dreaming despite the nightmares encountered by the racist systems blocking us. Alvin and his brother L.B. Anderson (now deceased) rescued me. I almost lost life trying to a unload a haul when this old Mack dump bed broke and crashed on the incline at this Troutdale I -84 interchange construction. Alvin was there to help me.

But the story is that Alvin had his 78th  birthday today and we should all celebrate because he loves the black community and is truly a black pioneer with a heart of Gold.

Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday 3Black Pioneer In Oregon Celebrates Birthday 4

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