DBE abuses equal "Road Closed" for minority contractors 1

DBE abuses equal “Road Closed” for minority contractors

If you have ever doubted how blacks are being abused in these disadvantage business enterprise (DBE) programs, take a look this story out of Seattle Washington.  Washington trucking company Grady Excavating has collected nearly $40 million in state contracts since 2008 under a program intended to benefit disadvantaged businesses, despite the fact that several state employees, including investigators and auditors, raised serious concerns about whether the company should qualify for the program.

See the video of the Grady Excavating story from NWCN/King 5 News

Read the WSDOT audit of Grady Excavating’s DBE status

Now the Washington Governor has called for criminal fraud investigation

This is happening right here in Oregon and we need to do something about it. Please send in your comments and alert your public officials.  The Grady Excavating case is a prime example of how small, minority-owned businesses are shut out of public works projects.

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