NAACP Portland Chapter 1120B Elects 2015 Leadership Team 1

NAACP Portland Chapter 1120B Elects 2015 Leadership Team

Following a membership vote on Saturday, November 15, 2014, and subsequent certification by the Elections Supervisory Committee, Portland’s NAACP Chapter 1120B will have new leadership. Jo Ann
Hardesty was elected President. James Posey will serve as 1st Vice President. Their two-year terms begin in January.

A long-time civil rights leader, Hardesty is a former three-term Oregon Representative, and former Executive Director of Oregon Action. Currently, she leads the above training and organizational
development consultancy, produces Voices from the Edge on KBOO-FM, and is a Board Member serving two nonprofits: the Avel Gordly Center for Healing and Human Solutions.

“I am humbled by the faith the Chapter has placed in me, to lead our efforts during this historic time. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the NAACP Portland Chapter, and the need for this civil rights organization is as pressing today as it was a century ago.” says Hardesty.

“I am pleased and proud to be on a slate of newly elected NAACP officers, lead by JoAnn Hardesty. On behalf of Portland and our nation, I look forward to nothing but success as we fulfill the great mission and purpose of this esteemed organization,” says Posey.

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4 thoughts on “NAACP Portland Chapter 1120B Elects 2015 Leadership Team”

    1. Madam president
      Let me say congratulations to you and Vice Mr. James Posey regarding the election.

      Madam President this is a very political election year ahead of us in the US things must change and with that change comes a change in the June 19th celebration of Emancipation Day.

      I would like to have the support of our local NAACP herein Portland as I have also requested from Madam President of Vancouver for a highly inclusive of all cultures representation of what was formerly called in Texas Juneteenth and here in Oregon Freedom Day.

      I have formed in co-operation with Morningstar Baptist Church located on 55th Ave and NE Alberta a relationship with Broadnax’s Community Improvement Action to present to Oregon The First Freedom Festival of Oregon Project scheduled for June 19ththru June 21st.

      It is designed as an inclusive event within the Cully Neighborhood and involves many of the stakeholders in its present and past developments that are here to celebrate Freedom and its meaning to all , freedom to marry, freedom to enjoy being here in America based on the foundation of The Emancipation Proclamation.

      I am requesting our local NAACP which you lead for your support as I have done with Vancouver’s Madam President and if granted that a letter of support and your chapter logo be sent to us as we should have our website up and running this week as a pdf attachment on all our info. contacts.

      As I have invited Vancouvers NAACP I would like to invite you to our structure meeting held on This wed. at 11am at the old reflections bookstore site now known as Coffee People this meeting occurs every Wed at 11am so you might be able to be present according to your schedule. Needless to say we can if invited present to your body.
      It is great to imagine both states NAACP TOGETHER supporting this event, this pivotal election year standing on a platform of Fredom.
      It is time for Emancipation Day, Freedom Day to crossover and we would like to have you as among others to join us that love Freedom.
      Woodrow Broadnax , President/ Founder

  1. Can someone from the NAACP address the racist and discriminatory issues happening in Vancouver, Wa. I was terminated as the only Black Commander for the Sheriffs Office on false allegations and now they are trying to do the same to the only female Black administrator for the Sheriffs Office. The NAACP in Vancouver does nothing and the Clark County HR condones these discimanatory acts.

  2. I’ve been in communication with the Chair of the County about the Food and the Commissary being tainted with Mood Altering Substances.

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