The Sistah Got Game. 1

The Sistah Got Game.

The Sistah Got Game. 2

The Sistah got game.

I never believed in that Office of Equity and Inclusion crap because I believe it to be just another mechanism to keep the natives from being restless, an appeasement vehicle if you will, which let all the white people off the hook. But if they let this woman (Dr. Markisha Smith) do her job it sounds like she has the right idea. She has no real power to effect change but if the community gets behind her, we can force the politicians to convert meaningless rhetoric into restorative actions for the black community. I hope she does not isolate herself or allow them to isolate her from the real black community and fall into the hands of the traditional black gatekeepers. And bring those young black leaders who are now in the streets into the house to help formulate meaningful solutions.



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