Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community 1

Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community

Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community 2Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community 3

Weak Mayor brings Calamity to the Black Community

This action has clinched my decision not to vote for Ted Wheeler. “He can be bullied” and with his weak ass, he let Chief Resch be the sacrificial lamb for the stupid mistakes made by the police. He is the police commissioner and the buck stops with him. It is downright pitiful to watch him capitulate to JoAnn who is lending him her backbone.

With regards to the new Chief Lovell, who I don’t know, but I know he is being set up. Does anybody believe that he will not be undermined by all those senior officers he passed over to get the job? Resch just like Outlaw was not supported by this weak ass Mayor and no one can be successful in this job just because he is a nice guy. And God bless Herndon and Hopson but this is one time I wish they would stay in their lanes and do social work. It is mind-blowing to me that Larry Anderson, Kevin Modica, Vince Elmore, Harry Jackson, Derrick Foxworth were not at the podium talking about the intersection between police and the black community. And where are the young black leaders who forced everybody’s hand?

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  1. This is a very interested comment. And what does this really mean for the community. Sometimes being black can put us bad situations. We have to have the power when to say No and move on. Skills and experience and resumes do matter. Our fear and desire to lead does not make us leaders. We all have to vote with our knowledge and our hearts. Dr. Cynthia Viola Harris 1st VP NAACP – CEO CVH Events Foundation

  2. Thank you for opening this dialogue! It is timely and needed. You touch on several points that impact the Black community and need to be discussed. I’ll also add, so called Black leadership means nothing if not in partnership with Black community. In terms of these young folks who “forced the hands”… They are unbothered and doing their thing.

    1. You are absolutely right. I am in awe of these young people and thankful they have stepped up to the plate. I want to find as many ways to support them as I can because I want see real change in my life time. Please give suggestions on how us OGs can help.

  3. What we may or may not understand is this system of things is built upon the white superiority complex and the black inferiority complex. Another descriptive term is the outdated “old slave slave-master relationship”. It seems that a significant number of black people in Portland don’t know how to stop the influence of prominent persons from our communities that are so-called leaders. These prominent persons are “coat-tail riders” on our issues and plight. They are a disservice to our community here in Portland and throughout the country. Many of them as well as others are in dire need of Self-Improvement which is the basis of community development. We are in a great paradigm shift now. But, unfortunately, it may get worse before it gets better.

    The Honorable Louis Farrakhan will be speaking LIVE STREAMED to US, the U.S. government and the World July 4th addressing these desperate and serious concerns. Black people must be enlightened to serve ourselves into a great future. White people must stop wanting us to remain subjective in their, admittedly, l hostile society. What will force us to engage in deliberate dialogue?

    1. Well, you said a lot. But you know every since I returned from both MMMs I have been disappointed with the Nation. The Nation generated so much hope and direction to help move black people forward. It is truly the only independent self sustaining influence in America representing black people yet its constituency cannot seem to move beyond powerful speeches by the Minister. I look for leadership in action from the Nation and I am not seeing much. Help me understand why I am wrong.

  4. You know it is hard to reply to you. Its hard because you know what has happened with the leadership of the local NAACP and and how outrageously dysfunctional the current President is. You know in your heart that he is destructive to the very notion of leadership and in long run will cause much harm to our community. You have been complicit in this unfortunate situation. And because I think you are basically a honest person, I hope your conscious will move you to do something different in the future.

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